It was my sister’s.



3 thoughts on “It was my sister’s.

  1. ‘I love your dress.’
    ‘Thanks. My sister was buried in it.’
    That was one of my best positive putdowns. That woman is a gender traitor. I know she is going to declare to the world, she has never seen such poor taste the moment my back is turned, but has just praised my dress.
    Well! My answer left her speechless, and now I have to make it to the sanctuary of the photocopying room, before she works out on how many levels my reply doesn’t work. She hasn’t found a counter, so comprehensive confusion rules, which is a brilliant result. I have shut her up without being rude and probably, in her confusion, she will forget to bad-press me once I have left the room. That was a great positive putdown. I accept that although she has forgotten my dress, she will now bang on about my insanity. I can’t have everything.

    Please watch for my complete blog on Positive Putdowns. Up soon and includes the ultimate positive putdown.

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