Calling on the goddess.

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2 thoughts on “Calling on the goddess.

  1. Asuraman ascended the altar of the Astral God, his bishop’s garb, as ancient as the temple stones, dripped with water from the Fountain of Endless Night. Atop the ghoul stones, carved in the likeness of the many mouthed star beasts who would carry his summon far beyond the reach of this Earth, the priest of the lost deity carved the Olden Sign into his palm. He let drop his blood into the bottomless maw of the stone icon and into the vastness of space. He undid the binding of the ancient robe and stood naked before his congregation. The temple neophytes knelt before the bishop and the altar by the score and followed the ritual of their dark deacon.

    Mist, black as night, erupted and then oozed from the altar stones like a magma that radiated an empty coldness the way lava emits heat. The mist turned to fog and filled the room such that no one on the congregation could see any other and all were engulfed by darkness. The second coming of the Astral God was at hand, and these, her faithful, would be first to enter her obliterating embrace before she reclaimed the Earth and ground the pale blue marble into the dust between the stars.

    “Oh, wow,” a voice echoed from the unfathomable dark, “Are you really doing that?” Torchlight vanished into the dark mist – and galaxies exploded into the vaulted ceiling of the chamber; twinkling spots of blue and white and colors unimaginable spun into vortices of darkest black. Tendrils of the swirling lights spread through the temple, joined at the head of the silhouette of a woman who took a hazy shape from the fog at the altar. When the mist fell below the sight of the neophytes, they beheld her awesome glory, the Astral God holding high the bloody hand of Asuraman. “I know I said some things last time I was here, but geez,” she said. She summoned the bishop’s robe to her free hand and dabbed at the priest’s palm. She raised the crescent moon shaped knife to her eyes and turned the ornate blade, with inscrutable writing, over and over. “Is this clean?” she asked the priest. Eyes wide, he shook his head at his god. “It’s not,” she said. “It’s not even a little bit clean is it,” she said more than asked. She lifted his hand turned his palm toward his face. “That’s gonna get infected,” she said, flicking it away, “Sort your life out.” She lifted the robe and held it up to the lights in her hair. She pulled at the frays and the fresh stain. “Seriously?” she said angrily, “I left this here. This is mine. You can’t just wear other people’s things.” She knelt at the star beast who had taken on a glistening sheen and seemed to coo at her touch. “Did no one take you out, boy?” she said, caressing one of its cheeks. It turned over and she rubbed its belly. “Go run outside, boy. Then come right back,” she said, and the creature dashed from the altar and out of the temple, nuzzling against every neophyte along the way. She turned to the congregation, “Really, guys, great first impression. So impressed. I’m totally in a good mood,” she said, rolling her eyes and crossing her arms.

    One of the neophytes quivered, staring deep into the bas mural behind the high altar. In it she saw the Astral God, the annihilator, descending upon her summoners, bringing in her wake all the force we cannot see between the stars to sunder every one and every thing on this world and all others. The neophyte’s hand trembled and her blade bit into her skin. “Oh, c’mon,” the Astral God spat. She floated down among her supplicants, mist still swimming about her, and slapped the knife away. “Don’t do that,” she said waging a finger. Her neophyte nodded as she stared into the abyssal pools of her god’s eyes. The god snapped back to her priest, “Look what you did!” Looking up now, from her neophytes’s view, she also saw the mural. She saw the carvings of the star calling ritual: the assembly of the faithful, the carving of the hands, the bloody Olden Sign, the sanguine feeding of the star beast – with her menacing gaze watching over it all. That had been a pretty intense weekend for her, all said.

    For it’s part, the star beast returned and pranced about the feet of the Astral God, or at least as close to prancing as a thousand legged, hundred mouthed flesh thing can get. The mist about the god settled into sweat pants and a t-shirt, and she fiddled with the black vortices about her head and spooled the galaxies about them. The bishop’s robe floated over her and she swiped at the bloodstain on it. She sneered at the priest. “Alright,” she said, swaying back and forth, “I guess I flew off the handle a bit.” She flattened her robe as she put it on. “I will admit, I don’t remember everything I said last time I was here,” she started, “but for future reference you can just feed Buddy a banana or something and that works just as well as all this.” She summoned the yellow fruit from the ether and dropped it. A star blinked in her curls, “Just like that,” she said, pointing to the flicker. She waved her hand at the macabre mural, “Whenever you get a chance, recarve that or something.”

    She walked back up to the altar, and slippers in the shape of some unnamable creature in plush form assembled on her bare feet. The star beast nipped at them. The altar split and an orb spilled forth. The god waved off the priest, who had stood naked on the dais, “Get down,” she said, “You’re not that important.” A cup and kettle appeared on either half of the altar that now looked more like end tables. She spun and fell backward onto the orb, he feet lifting slightly into the air as she hit the jelly like bauble, the black hole bobs in her hair bouncing with her as she settled. She glanced down and tied the drawstring on her pants before pulling her t-shirt over it. The kettle poured itself. The star beast laid at her feet, nipping again at her equally beastly slippers. She scrunched her face, and pinched the bridge of her nose. “Well I’m here now, anyway,” she said, “What do you want?”

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