my little stockroom of goodies.

For decades I have been hoarding prompts, story starters, quotes and seeds from various sources around the worldΒ  (and my own, of course). You will find them all here on this site, I have tried to break them down into categories to make things a little easier.


Also: If you’re impatient (like me πŸ™‚ ) You can find all the prompts I have here PLUS a whole lot more on my pinterest, where I have quite a few other folders that have writing tools, reference material, world building, maps and floorplans, and oodles of pictures relating to weapons, fashions, transport, gadgets and the like.

So what are you waiting for? Follow the pinterest link to find my treasure trove of writers goodies!

Feel free to comment under any of the prompts on this site (I’d love to hear what you think) and DON’T FORGET to FOLLOW ME and TELL YOUR FRIENDS about PROMPTUARIUM!!

Thankyou x

59 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Neat idea! We really like the horror writing prompts (horror is my genre of choice). We’re new to Word Press as well (still trying to figure out how everything works). If you would like to check it out, we just put our on going multimedia horror story up on Word Press. It started out as a multimedia horror story told through Facebook posts, but we decided to expand it to Word Press as well. You can find it clicking on the following link: http://towerofteeth.com/
    Again, great idea for a Word Press page, can’t wait to work on some of those prompts!

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    1. Wow, Thanks!
      I’ve been really worried about spamming everyone with all my posts so I’m glad the first comment I received is a positive one! πŸ™‚
      I love horror! Your homepage pic is awesome btw!
      Glad you like the prompts!
      Thanks again!

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      1. hey just curious, I’ve always been recieving an email whenever you come up with a new prompt, why have I not been recieving it for a while though

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  2. First off, THANK YOU! Secondly, you’re AMAZING and a lifesaver! I’ve been searching the internet for good writing prompts to get me started, only to come up short… And then, I stumbled on your blog. This is absolutely fantastic, and I’m not being sarcastic. Your prompts are so, so, SO helpful! I’ve got so many ideas and so many stories are suddenly demanding to be told. I cannot wait to get started on some of these. Thank you once again!

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  3. Hello! My name is Alyssa and I run the Tumblr page Unblocking Writer’s Block, where I post creative writing prompts. I accidentally stumbled across this page via Pinterest when I saw one of my prompts posted there. I then found lots of my prompts posted here. I LOVE the fact that you love them enough to post them here, but I don’t see any sources on them. I would really appreciate the fact that, if you’re going to quote the prompts word for word, then at least post the source. I’m not trying to be rude, but I was very surprised to see my prompts copied here. I also can’t contact you any other way, so I’m sorry for the message like this, but I do feel I need to say something.

    Thank you for your time.

    – Alyssa
    Unblocking Writer’s Block


    1. hi alyssa,
      I collect a lot of my prompts from many sources and as a result i do see them repeated on various sites and am unsure of the original sources, if i know of the source, i usually write it above the prompt, for the ones i’m unsure about i try to cover by stating on the homepage that they are from various places, (so people know i don’t want to claim them as my own).

      if you point me in the direction of your prompts then i’m happy to add a link to them xx

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  4. Hi, Joanne.
    What is your policy regarding allowing others to use the prompts you’ve posted here (and on Pinterest, which is how I found my way to your blog) in their own blog posts? Are you okay with that as long as they provide a link to THIS blog? Or do you prefer that these not be shared/used anywhere else?

    (I sometimes have blog posts about various aspects of writing — the mechanics as well as the more creative stuff — and I have frequently thought some of the prompts you shared on Pinterest would be useful examples of what I’m blogging about.)


    1. Love your prompts! I have started a writing blog called BoostYourWriting.com to help high school students improve their writing. I would love to feature some of the prompts from my Pinterest board a couple of times a month. Not surprisingly, most of them are from you πŸ™‚ I think, from the comment above, that this might be OK. Since this would be on a regular basis, though, I wanted to check with you. Thanks for letting me know!

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  5. Hi! I absolutely love this website and often use your prompts for my writers blog (http://promptstoriesblog.wordpress.com) and I had a prompt for you! Here it is:

    “Don’t touch me!” She yelled, standing up. “I just saved your life!” He responded. “Well, maybe you should have saved my brother instead!” She shouted, backing away from him as tears filled her eyes. “I tried, okay?” He told her. She was livid, tears falling down her face. “No, you didn’t! Just because you don’t have a family, doesn’t mean you can’t show sympathy for mine!”

    There you go. It could be either a writing or dialogue prompt. You choose. Thanks for running this blog!

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  6. Hello! You are a Godsend! I have to re-post and update a page I had on Writing Prompt Resources that lists links to websites and apps where readers can find writing prompts. (the finished page will be published by mid-sept) Thank You! You’re now on the list!

    V πŸ™‚


  7. I don’t know who made this. But whoever did is my savior. My constant headaches give me REALLY bad writers block, and when writing is the only thing that can keep you happy, this website is the best to go to. So, whoever made it…Thanks<3

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  8. Hi! My name is Alaina and I have the same concerns as Alyssa. I am glad to see it resolved and was wondering if there is any way I can be credited for my prompts. If I were to direct you to my Pinterest profile where my prompts are posted, would that provide enough source to credit me for it? I am ThatWriterFreak on Pinterest and your post “Are We Monsters?” is uploaded onto both boards “Myth” and “Written Writing Prompts.” I use my prompts as a way to bring attention to my work and it would be great if I was credited on all posts including them. Thanks for your time, and for the amazing website!
    -Alaina Fidanzo,
    ThatWriterFreak, Pinterest.com


    1. aw thanks! I appreciate it, it’s good to know i’m helping others, i struggle to write anything nowadays so i concentrate on finding and making prompts for when i finally get to sit and do something lol, I add 5 new prompts a day so hopefully theres something for everyone x


  9. Hello!

    I have a question regarding the rights to use your prompts for short films. I’m a filmmaker and I stumbled upon your prompts, in particular, your Human Summoning writing prompt and I would love to use it for a short film. I’ve already got ideas on how to expand on it as a comedy! Would you be willing to let me use it or would you prefer that I, instead of copying it and expand upon it, create a different story with similar aspects?

    Thanks for posting these prompts! I just stumbled on your website and I look at this as a valuable resource for future stories/films.


      1. Thank you!

        I’ll make sure to send it to you when it’s finished. Is there an email you have that I can send a release form to? This is just a short document detailing that you’ve given me permission to use your writing prompt for the short film.


    1. Aww thanks, much appreciated! im glad theyre useful, i never seem to get round to writing stories and poems anymore so i thought id just build up prompts for when i do, and then decided it would be great to share them all, i love to see the stories that people write! xx


  10. Thank you for this website. I’ve been struggling with simply starting a story, as I really want to get back into creative writing. I have a teeny bit of OCD and it’s screaming to do things in order, so I thought I would tackle some writing prompts, but I keep seeing them out of order, so from Pinterest to the source, here I am πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to get started!! Thank you again!

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  11. Heyyyyyy! What’s up everyone? Call me MC! Anyway, I found this website a day or two ago and it’s really awesome! I love to write and you’ve got some great prompts here!

    I have a question though. How did you make this website? Because I’ve been wanting to make one of my own for a while now and can’t. seem. to. find. out. how.

    Please, please, PLEASE let me know! Thanks so much! πŸ™‚

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    1. hi, and thankyou!
      if you go to wordpress.com it tells you how to make a free website with them, you can choose from plenty of themes etc, i made this one about 6 years ago, there are other sites but i found this the easiest to work with.)


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