One thought on “Life sentence.

  1. The sentence (for identity theft) is likely to come with a clause that says anyone else can do ANYTHING to you — absolutely ANYTHING — if they can catch you or otherwise detect you. You, on the other hard, can legally do ANYTHING to them, unless they stop you first: you are an unperson and thus, legally don’t exist. This is NOT as much fun for you as, at first, you’d thought it would be … because one of the first things that happens to you, as soon as the word “invisibilityl is pronounced in your sentence, right while the courtroom-installed Invisibilizing Gadget is being focused on you and switched on, is that the sergeant-at-arms shoots you … her gun is loaded, not with bullets, but with indelible paintballs in garish clown-colors. The paintballs, unknown to you, contain nano-trackers, reporting to the court on your whereabouts at all times, Not all of you has been painted — half of your head, most of your left arm, your righ calf, and your rear end remain as invisible as air — but everyone can see where you are, everyone can throw things (even shoot you with paint guns of their own) because legally you don’t exist: the only law against throwing things in your direction is the law against littering, and that’s seldom enforced because robots clean up solid surfaces — sidewalks and streets and parks and cars and clothes — within half an hour of any incident. (But the robots will not condescend to clean up invisibilized human flesh, or anything that’s in contact therewith. Why should they clean the legally nonexistent?)
    The punishment has historical precedent: not just in the outlawry of the Vikings — which declared the worst criminal, such an an oathbreaker, to be “a wolf’s head”: not a person, but a wild thing which could be targeted and hunted and slain by anyone — but in the civilized cruelties ofnthe canon lawyers of the Spanish Inquisition. Those heretics who repented before torture were, when the rules were followed, neither tortured nor killed, but were most often sentenced to spend the rest of life wearing a _sanbenito_: a red-and-yellow sackcloth robe that was, in effect, a huge baggy clown suit. Laugh, clown, laugh if you can. Everyone else will laugh while reloading.

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